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I am changing my eating in hopes of some day getting back to stitching. Sorry, allow me to explain. I’ve had some pretty severe tendonitis in both hands, thanks to mouse use at work and my insane love of needlework. That means I’ve been in physical therapy and haven’t picked up a needle in months. I literally can’t pick up a needle. Thhbbpppppttt….

One of my last ditch attempts to relieve the inflammation in my hands is to completely change my nutritional intake — anti-inflammatory foods only (except for dressing. I will never give up Ranch. That’s just…No.).

In celebration, please enjoy these elegant felt foods by the aptly named Felt Cuisine. Yummm.

Pretend Play Kitchen - Felt Food Patterns - A Taste of Italy

Pretend Play Kitchen - Felt Food Patterns - Pancakes by Design

Pretend Play Kitchen - Felt Food Patterns - The Silver Collection

Pretend Play Kitchen - Felt Food Patterns - The Fish and the Chips

Pretend Play Kitchen - Felt Food Patterns - Burgers by Design

Pretend Play Kitchen - Felt Food Patterns - Cakes by Design

Gorgeous. Right down to the seeds in that strawberry. I kinda’ want to eat that ravioli. And these are all patterns so you can totally make them yourself.

Om nom nom, Shannon

Freaking out about Kari Breitigam


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Did I spell her name right? *checks again* Phew, yes. I did. Welcome to the work of Kari Breitigam. Or perhaps you beat me to it, which is fine. I’m discovering new people e’rry day.

In any case this talented Houston artist has caught my eye with her precise, meticulous stitching.


Hand-Painted and Embroidered Pouch

Image of Horn Heads

Image of Hey Jealousy

Geo Triangle Embroidery

Leaf Burst Embroidery

This is the reason it’s called satin stitch, people. Look how tight and seamless it is. (Did that sound erotic? I almost called it “buttery.” But, no, really…)

Geometric Embroidered Pendant Necklace: Green

More of her work on her website and in her etsy shop.

xoxo, Shannon

Happy Friday and grain sack project


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Helloooo! Happy Friday! Can you tell I’m a bit ecstatic? Maybe because it is 0 freakin’ degrees here and I’m ready to hole up in the house for the weekend. Just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy weekend as well as share this fun project. My mom just sent me the link via Country Living: Embroidered wall art made from grain sacks. Would look great in a vintage kitchen, methinks.

feed and flour sacks become embroidered wall out

Alas, my hands are still crunked up due to the aforementioned tendonitis. So I will not be stitching this weekend. I will be reading and cleaning the Castle and hanging out with my boys. Perfection. You?

xoxo, Shannon

Freaking out about Benhy Bradshaw Costello


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Benhy Bradshaw Costello has brought together two of my favorite things: literature and stitching. I discovered them through the Phat Quarter Flickr group run by Mr X Stitch (who else?). You can find other photos of Benhy’s work in his Flickr stream. You’ll also find photos of men in drag. So that’s fun.


xoxo, Shannon


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