What I found on Pinterest this weekend


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There are two social networking sites I visit every day. Facebook and Pinterest. That prolly says something about my age since all the cool kids are on Instagram and Snapchat now. I’m on those too, but I work at a computer most of the day so I’m not always smartphone-in-hand. At any rate, here is the fun I found on Pinterest this weekend between bouts of cleaning, a cookout with friends, a local art fair, and lots of other dos.

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The photos are linked to their sources. Just click them to see where they came from. How about those little bugs?! Love.

xoxo, Shannon 


Freaking out about Marjolein Starreveld


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Eerie, evocative, dense–lots of words come to mind as I try to describe Marjolein Starreveld’s textile work. The faces in her stitched portraits seem to emerge from the backgrounds, although the backgrounds are mostly completely neutral. Of course, the images speak for themselves.

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I find the detail in her machine stitching remarkable. More on her awesome website, including a bio. And here’s a good interview on TextileArtist.org.

xoxo, Shannon