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I had so much fun hunting up cross stitch and embroidery patterns yesterday. I came across a fantastic dragon. I’ve been promising to cross stitch a dragon for my son for a while now and finally started it. It will be bright blue with red flames and black claws. Very medieval.

Just started this post and have already conversed off down a tangent. Anyway, my point is that I came across The Tiny Modernist, which is one of my fave cross stitch shops on etsy. I hadn’t visited in so long and was delighted to find some awesome patterns.

This dapper octopus for example.

Gentleman Octopus Cross Stitch Pattern PDF ChartMy favorite video game of all time.

Retro Super Mario Cross Stitch Pattern Instant DownloadLovely London.

London Cross Stitch Pattern Instant Download

Designing Women! Confession: I used to stay up late watching reruns of this show when I was younger and had a TV in my room. What did a 12-year-old see in this show? I have no freakin’ clue. But I loved it. This pattern shall be mine…

Designing Women 90s TV Cross Stitch Pattern Instant DownloadThere is also a whole section of modern chair patterns, rockabilly patterns, quotes and samplers—I just can’t even—you must go look.

Eames Shell Chairs Cross Stitch Pattern Instant Download

Browse, buy, stitch, enjoy!

xoxo, Shannon