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Tilleke Schwarz Red 1988 for sale

Yes, at last it is time for a feature on Tilleke Schwarz. I have been freaking out about her work for some time. She’s an amazing hand-embroidery artist who stitches free form with no planning at all according to her faq. Side note: I love that she’s divided said faq into questions that are normal, difficult to answer, and stupid.

Tilleke Schwarz Used Cloth 1995 for sale  Purr Chase 2008I don’t have much to say because I think I’m just struck dumb by my own amazement. Also, dinosaurs.

Into the woods 2002

Count your blessings 2003

I so enjoy the detail, the colors, the sort of organized mayhem in the composition.

Play with me 2006

More Tilleke here.
A fun interview here.
Buy her new book here. (I’m gonna’.)

Mark making, book Cover

xoxo, Shannon