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I love them both. But, ok, I admit, haven’t done any myself. Mer.

My understanding of redwork is that its name is taken from the Turkish process of dyeing the thread, which resulted in a red color. Anyone care to elaborate or correct me?

Teresa Rossi via Flickr

AlexCateEyeAlexCateEye via Flickr

Redwork Embroidered "Children" Mini Pillow shel sitters/Bowl Fillers/ Baby shower /Tucks

via twood on etsy

And blackwork—it’s black. And it’s made of counted stitches. If there’s an expert reading this, do comment! Here’s a primer I found online.

Charlotte Bailey via Flickr

Mary Corbet fish via Flickr

All blackwork reminds me of Zen doodles. I’m gonna’ try doing some soon.

xoxo, Shannon