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Needlefelt is an art into which I have yet to delve. And now I am thoroughly intimidated.

Racoon - handmade animal doll - grey and black needlefelted wool, yellow embroidered lederhosen, white shirt, buttons.

But also extremely inspired. And amazed at these characters needle-felted into existence by Amie LaBanca of Ivan in His Garden.

Rabbit/Hare needle felted doll squeezebox/accordian musician, handmade, wool, grey/gray

Fawn Deer Bambi handmade doll - brown needle felted wool

Possum/Opossum Grandma handmade doll - grey needle felted wool - knitting pink yarn

Ferret handmade doll - grey needle felted wool

Oh, hello.

Other needlefelt creations available through Ivan in His Garden include a wonderful gray rhinoceros and a mermaid doll. Such talent!

xoxo, Shannon