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So much love for these modern but primitive-looking dolls. (Can something be modern and primitive at the same time? Prolly.) They’re made and sold by Ukrainian stitcher Oksana Shpilka in her shop Kuklo Ferma, which she says translates as “Doll Farm.”

Primitive Fantasy Black Cat - Cheshire Cat. Rag doll, stuffed, home decor.

Minimalist animal doll - little dragonet. Spring celebrations. Rag stuffed cloth art doll

Minimalist doll Snoopy. Happy joyful dog. Decor Animal. Rag stuffed cloth art doll animal.

Note the freckles and polka dots. *grin*

SPRING Primitive doll Foxy 2. Animal Fox. Spring celebrations. Rag stuffed cloth art doll

Primitive Doll. Foxy hair girl with blue eyes in pastel shirt. Stuffed painted rag cloth doll. Holidays, gift ideas, for girl.

Love the outfit.

And here’s a fun neon guy.

Minimalist animal doll - little fluorescent toy. Summer. Rag stuffed cloth art fashion doll

Each one has its own story. Love that.

This is just a taste. More on the Doll Farm.

xoxo, Shannon