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I’ve been waiting impatiently to do a sort of ode to Jess Quinn. But I’ve also been kind of hesitant. She’s pretty much my doll-making idol, so I’ve been wondering if I could do her work proper justice. I decided, instead of worrying, to just glory in what I love. Here are just a few of my fave pieces of hers.

the Miss Mouse dolls


Cloth rag doll cat girl Poco dollAva

Molly Dolly rag doll heirloom quality, Avaa sweet toadstool

Cloth mushroom toadstool plush softie art doll grey cream polka dot anthropomorphicLittle Oshi dolls

Cloth display doll, embroidered linen Little Oshi doll elephent

Love the ragged edges, vintage fabrics, and the details—hats, necklaces, embroidered clothing. So much love and attention goes into these dolls.

I will stop there, though you can view more lovely Jess Quinn creations at her blog and in her etsy shop.

xoxo, Shannon