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Russian Girl cloth dolly

Her outfit is made from a headscarf. I’m in love. These dolls are made by Lucy Brasher of The Cat in the Shoe who says she dropped photography to take up sewing. And these works of art are the result.

Limited edition, The Giant Brogue wearing cat. Textile Sculpture

Love their embroidered eyes and cheeks.

YeeHaaa, Country Gal, cloth doll, made from a vintage scarf

How about this circus girl in her giant pants?

Circus girl, cloth doll, clown

Lastly, a dapper little badger.

The suited and booted 'Badger' Brand New.

I enjoy the back of him just as much.

The suited and booted 'Badger' Brand New.

No detail left unattended, amirite? I noticed Lucy Brasher does a lot of upcycling of fabrics. And the dolls range from about 13 inches – 20 inches in height. What really gets me is the unique styling of each doll. The circus girl, for example, has multicolored hair and cuffs that match her pants. The Russian doll—lacy stockings and toe shoes. Wonderful detail.

More fantastical characters in her shop and on her website.

xoxo, Shannon