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Sorry, due to lack of etsy bio, I know little to nothing about the maker behind Iro Fiber Art. I just know these fabric insect sculptures are lovely.

This leopard moth might be my favorite. He stands 4 inches tall and about 6 inches wide. He is painted and embroidered. Love that you can see his little moth tongue sticking out a bit.

Fabric sculpture -Leopard Moth textile art

Here’s how he looks from above.

Fabric sculpture -Leopard Moth textile art

And an elephant hawk moth.

Fabric sculpture -Elephant hawk moth textile art

Yellow butterfly

Fabric sculpture -Yellow butterfly textile art

I’ve always liked grasshoppers.

Fabric sculpture -Grasshopper textile art

Don’t the wings look light and nearly transparent?

More buggy creations at the Iro shop.

xoxo, Shannon