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I’m a sucker for the little things when it comes to stitching. I often head straight to the back of the fabric store where I can burrow into the sale piles and come out with teeny treasures. Ribbons, mini bunting, little charms, lace. I love it all. I also spend a lot of time on etsy perusing shops stocked with such stuff. These are a few of my recent finds.

Stitch Freak: A celebration of trimcolumn 1: dusty rose lace, vintage floral jacquard ribbon, velvet border, silver sequin
column 2: pom pom bundle, green and gold beaded trim, embroidered floral trim

Yes, yes I do need 10 yards of sequin trim. Thank you for knowing me so well, etsy.

Also, this stole my heart.

Valenciennes Collection -  Gray Stella 547721  - Chiffon Ruffle trim with frayed edges and a rhinestone chain - Grey silver

Here’s a fun trim overview I found in my searchings.

Off to snatch up those pom poms!

xoxo, Shannon