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I have had the sighfoo shop open in a tab in my browser for days. I just keep going back to these friendly little guys. Shop owner Jennifer Syfu (pronounced “sigh foo” – get it?) sews each one by hand, mostly from recycled wool sweaters. Each member of the “foo” family has his or her own personality and signature trait.

For example: “Mint Green Quadropus is a black belt in kung fu. It’s not that intimidating when she giggles while punching you in the face.”

Honeydew Green Quadropus - Recycled Wool Sweater Plush Toy

I would like to take all the foos home and snuggle them immediately. Maybe you can share. Probably not.

Here are some more.

Big Manny Foo - Recycled Wool Plush Toy MADE TO ORDER

Light Blue Dog - Recycled Wool Plush Toy

Gray and Rainbow Strange Foo - Recycled Wool Plush Toy

Black Robot Model R1A008 - Recycled Wool Plush Toy

If you aren’t in love yet, here is a sweet little elephant with stylish ears.

Big Light Yellow Elephant - Recycled Wool/Angora Plush Toy

And also, a blue penguin.

Blue Penguin - Recycled Wool Plush Toy

You’re probably in love now, right? In which case you can see more at the sighfoo shop.

Oh, and Jennifer is also a glass artist. (Yeah, me too. *manages a chuckle then turns away sadly*) So much talent!

xoxo, Shannon