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I got a fun note in my inbox yesterday. “Mahzer and Vee is back from vacation.” Oh hooray! Because I’ve been wanting to proclaim their awesomeness. It isn’t stitching, but their fun, modern resin wall decor and statues are still blowin’ my mind, man. Love the colors. Love the style. And each piece is so very—perfect.

I really feel that this turquoise deer with silvery antlers must belong to me.

Faux Taxidermy Deer Head wall mount in aqua and silver: Deerman the Deer Head

But, you know, he comes in other colors too.

Faux Taxidermy Deer Head Wall hanging Deerman the Deerhead in light pink

Here is a super-cute selection of statues.

Dachshund Statue in light swimming pool blue

Owl Standing on Branch in coral

Giant Snail Statue: Soomie the Snail in a light aqua, (soap color).

For a bright Christmas: a couple of carolers.

Carolers: Set of 2 Singing Boy and Girl Christmas Statues

There’s lots more to check out in the Mahzer and Vee shop. This is just the tip of the boldly painted resin iceberg, really.

xoxo, Shannon