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Yeah, you read that title right. Because instead of doing stuff I “should” be doing, I’m writing an ode to rick rack. But I hate “shoulds,” so I’m gonna’ go ahead and do what I feel like doing.

Oh rick rack, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

One: as decoration on a vintage skirt.

Vintage 50's Skirt A Line Skirt Pink Rick Rack Trim Cotton"Meadowbank" Size Small - MediumDos: boldly outlining a sweet game on a sweet pillow.

Tic Tac Toe Game Pillow 14 Inch Blue Plaid Homespun with Turquoise John Deere Green and Yellow Accents Rick Rack FeltTrois: On a retro mod Christmas stocking.

Retro Modern Christmas Stocking with Purple LiningSi: Complementing a super fun bird collage.

Original bird collage with vintage frame, rick-rack, with bird cutout on a branch, ScandinavianCinque: As flower hair clips.

Rick Rack / Flower Clip / Hair Clip / Ric RacAlti: In big, beautiful, ginormous rolls.

Rick Rack 400 YARDS, 16 Spool Bundle of Ric Rac, 25 yards each, 3/8ths inchSete: On a lamp.

rick-rackåtte: In jewelry design.

Noua: Detailing cute napkins.

Deg: As a means of expressing love.

And if you know any of the languages I’ve substituted for English in my counting, my hat is off to you! I had to look up all but three numbers here.

xoxo, Shannon