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The artist behind Busy Blue Cat uses layers of stitches to create an impressionistic look in her framed pieces.

Busy Blue Cat on Stitch FreakShe’s created some lovely gardens and landscapes with fabric, thread, and beadwork.

TEXTILE ART PICTURE lavender fields.  Textile art impression

TEXTILE ART SEASCAPE fabric picture fiber art textile "Ocean View"

She offers other designs too.

PICTURE FIBRE ART raspberry pink embroidered stitched textile fabric jewel like surface gold frame

Love the intricate stitching in these smaller pieces.

EMBROIDERED HEART PICTURE dark pink and maroon beaded and stitched in silver and gold coloured frame

And the tattered look to this fabric heart.

HEART PICTURE in blue and pink fiber fabric and beads

The artist has no bio on etsy (here’s the shop) and I couldn’t find a related blog or other site. Let me know if you do! Perhaps I’ll contact her for an interview and we can meet the artist behind these fiber works.

xoxo, Shannon