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I found Meagan Ileana through her beautiful flickr stream and eventually made my way to her website. Many of her embroidered pieces are nude studies and include elements of nature (other than the human body of course).

Meagan Ileana on Stitch FreakThese pieces say “curves” to me. They say softness, beauty, and comfort. Especially the pieces of the women with the poppies, lotus pods, and pine cones, in which, I think, the plants look like they are both part of the women and also embracing them.

Here’s what she says:

“In the beginning these pieces celebrated the audacity of using embroidery to create images of nudes. Then I began a journey of self-exploration and found a comfort and joy in viewing my own body as artists view their subjects. As time has progressed the pieces have become more about emotions and the lens has turned inward to bring out a more honest narrative. My hope is that people find something in the work to which they can personally relate.”

Audacity—I like that. While I agree that the use of the medium is audacious, these particular pieces don’t come off as audacious to me. They seems so natural. And therefore completely “decent.”

More of Meagan Ileana’s work on her website and flickr stream.

xoxo, Shannon