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I have had, in my stack of many embroidery patterns, a Daria logo that I’ve been looking forward to embroidering. And then I thought I’d do Jane Lane, and maybe her parents or Quinn. But I’m being beaten to the punch, in a very fun way. Because I stumbled upon this fun Jane Lane piece by kokokreepies on etsy.

How fun is that? Purple hoop and all. It looks printed on the fabric maybe? With stitching over it. The description doesn’t say.

So, I was also planning on some Bob’s Burgers related stitching because I looove that show. “I wish there was a new Bob’s Burgers every night.”–me, to my brother yesterday.

Lo and behold.

Bob's Burger Tina Belcher Quote My Crotch is Itchy Hand Embroidery Hoop Art


Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 9.10.47 AMcappywanna

By Emily Hsiao

I can’t find the original poster of this…anybody know?

Anyway, I’m completely inspired and shall continue my pop culture fan stitching forthwith!

xoxo, Shannon