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I adore feathers. The lightness, the many strands of fluff, the birds who shed them. There’s something magical in them.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 10.16.57 AMvia The Magic Feather Project

Embroidered Feather Necklace

Bossa Nova Baby

Hand Embroidered Feathers Hoop Art

My Trash and Treasure

Hoop Art - Feathers  - Machine Embroidered Wall Hanging - Size 8" - Embroidery Hoop Art

Cabo Pickles

Forest green stud earrings with hand embroidered white feathers

Candykins Crafts

Da Ani

Peacock Feathers Embroidered Silk Clutch Purse in Gold

Clutch That

Yeah, ok, I’m a bit obsessed.


Too Crewel

And one more.

Embroidered Peacock Feather Hoop Art

(y instead of i)

Lovely, no?

This is a feather pendant I embroidered for my sister last year. I haven’t stitched up a feather since. Time to get going on that apparently. (Excuse the fuzzy quality – phone pic.)

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