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London embroidery artist James Hunting leaves his work untitled. While he told TextileArtist.org in a recent interview that he is an artist because he just has to be, the focus of his work seems to be on the viewer.

He says in his website bio, “Through mark- making, colour and texture each piece is representative of moments of time, either the past, present, or future. They encompass real or imaginary moments, emotions experienced, desires acknowledged, thoughts barely captured, dreams realised, yet to be realised or even destined to remain unrealised. Pieces should awaken half forgotten associations within the viewers’ memory. Certain stitches, colour combinations and images should unlock a more personal reflection on emotions and lives lived. The intention is that each viewer will move on having spent some time occupying a less concrete dimension of their daily life.

I want the viewers to also be able to enjoy the decorative quality of my work, everybody should be allowed to look, think, and move on, taking their own impressions and ideas with them.”

1Check out James Hunting’s site for more info.

xoxo, Shannon