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Spring Bird's Nest with Eggs - Mixed Media Wall Art in Brown 4 inch Hoop Nature Decor Made To Order

Currently loving these fiber works from Foxtail Creek Studio. Hello, nature.

Snowy Pines - Frosty Fir Tree Pincushion Home Decor Scene Made to Order

Darling trees. Soothing natural color palette. I think the mushrooms might be my fave.

White Mushrooms - Pink Spots Nature Scene Pincushion Made To Order Home Decor

Mushroom Love Heart Pincushion Scene Made To Order

This scene has a river.

Pines on the River -  Home Decor Miniature Scene Made To Order Woodland Theme Nature Display

Birds’ nests seem to be a specialty.

Birds Nest Ornament - Moss and White Berries Made To Order

Miniature Bird Nest Wall Art Ornament Cream Eggs - 3 inch Nature Wool Silk Moss on Linen

Bird Nest Ornament - Natural moss and wool Nature Decor Made To Order

More in the Foxtail Creek Studio shop and on the creator’s lovely blog.

xoxo, Shannon