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I still love these super cool, almost sparse, and often mod-style cut-and-paste collages by Bricolagelife. (Is “sparse” right? “Spare” wouldn’t be right. I just mean that there is lots of space around the collage work and the images have room to breathe.)

original collage - taking the measure of the man - cut and paste paper art bricolagelife

mysterious menoriginal collage by bricolagelife 2013

brains & brawnoriginal collage by bricolagelife 2013

call to the post.original collage on scribbled book page by bricolagelife 2013

blow it up.original collage by bricolagelife 2013

skip itoriginal collage by bricolagelife 2013

the building siteoriginal collage collaboration by bricolagelife and miriskum.de 2013

Etsy shop here. Blog about the artist’s collections here. Artist’s fabric designs (yup!) here.

xoxo, Shannon