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PLUMAGE 10,  2008

Deborah Kruger has a fantastic website where you can read all about what she’s up to and see images of her textile work. I’m currently in love with her Plumage series. Here’s a bit of her artist’s statement on it:

“The Plumage series grew out of my desire to make art that is more intuitive and less intellectual. I am attempting to shift the narrative from the private musings of the artist to the wordless conversation between the materials and ultimately, to the public dialogue among viewers.”

You can read the rest here.

PLUMAJE 2,  2010

COLIBRI 1,  2010

HALCYON 3,  2010

HALCYON 2,  2010

HALCYON 5, 2011The fabric colors are so cool. I’d love to see them up close. See all of the series here.

xoxo, Shannon