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Sequin Soup – don’t you love that name? It’s the title of Aisling Smyth’s tumblr and I personally would like to dive headfirst into a soup made by this talented embroiderer. You’ll see collage and illustration there too. I like how she mixes her media—floss, paint, fabric, machine and hand embroidery. Her work looks and feel experimental, like art is play for her.

Which is not to say that her work isn’t put-together because it absolutely is. But on Smyth’s tumblr, we get to see the progress.

Pattern, pattern, pattern. A celebration of pattern.

Some pop culture for fun.

And how amazing is this?

Aisling Smyth's Embroidered Banknote

It was featured on Mr X Stitch.

Pop over to tumblr and get to know Smyth and her work.

xoxo, Shannon