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Blue Moon 2

In essence, says Lorraine Roy, she paints with fabric. Roy explains in her web bio that growing up she developed a passionate love of textile work and science both. She is a lover of trees and of the natural landscape of her home in Southwestern Ontario.

“My science education and my love of fabric set the stage for a unique art career. As I became proficient, I devoted more and more time to my art until, just over twenty five years ago, it became a full time occupation. Not surprisingly, most of my imagery was, and is, inspired by trees. Trees are classic symbols of our connection with the natural world. And what better medium than fabric, itself a plant or animal product, to capture and reflect the attributes of nature? My latest imagery combines realism and abstraction, providing ample room for interpretation and sensual pleasure. Nothing brings me more joy than to coax order and beauty out of a messy jumble of materials. I like to think that my art imitates life.”

You can read her full bio here.

Mystic Apple #1

Fissure 5

Roy’s website features a lovely gallery of her work. She also offers workshops and presentations. What I wouldn’t give to learn from this talented lady!

Breeze #3


I love her use of color in these trees. She makes them seem at once fantastical and completely natural.

Western Hemlock

Awesome abstracts too:

Image preview

More here.

xoxo, Shannon