Cool people & places

An ever-expanding list of people people and sites I admire and where you can find them.

Stitch Artists
Dottie Angel
Cecile Dachary

Felicity Hall
Donkey Wolf – Penny Nickels and Johnny Murder
Erin Endicott
Sam P. Gibson
Laura Hale
Hey Paul Studios
Lucky Jackson
Me & Tex
Mr. Finch
Missouri Bend Studio
Junko Oki
Ali Parrott
Jess Quinn
Aimee Ray
Karen Ruane
Naomi Ryder
The Itsy Bitsy Spill – Magaly Ohika
The Merriweather Council 
The Stitch Emporium
Enid Twiglet
Sarah Whittle

Embroidery Sites
Feeling Stitchy
Mary Corbett’s Needle and Thread
Mr X Stitch
Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials
Sublime Stitching
Subversive Cross Stitch

A Beach Cottage
Apartment Therapy
Design Sponge
My Marrakesh
Soule Mama

Clothes on Film
Mighty Girl
Playing With Books
The Jealous Curator


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