Life List

Welcome to my Life List!

This list is inspired by the Mighty Girl Mighty Life List. Check out Mighty Girl here.

Care to share your Life List? Post a link in the comments. I would love to spy on you!
And for extra ideating, here’s a link to my Life List-related Pins.

xoxo, Shannon

p.s. Some of these items are linked to posts on my old blog. So if you click on one you might find yourself there rather than on Stitch Freak.

Float in the Dead Sea
Visit Marrakech
Ride a camel (not in a domestic zoo)
Go dog sledding
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Ride an elephant (not in a domestic zoo)
Go to the top of t he Empire State Building
Camp in Yellowstone
Fly somewhere by myself
Write a book
Learn to speak passable French
Visit all seven continents
Have a cat again (our porch kitty, Hamlet now lives with a new family due to the boys’ allergies)
Attend Kentucky Derby, wear a large hat
Swim with sharks
Go ziplining
Read all the books I own, get rid of the ones I don’t want (in progress)
Watch 1,000 films (in progress)
Drive an Aston Martin
Go to Vegas
Go Paintball-ing
Attend Mardi Gras
Wear a sequined bikini
Go to a drive-in movie
Learn to love my body
Become a non-smoker
Live in another country for at least a month
See ten professional sports matches (So far: 4 Cubs games, White Sox game, Diamondbacks Game, Chicago Fire soccer game)
Designate a month for writing a poem a day
Make 1,000 lovely things (in progress)
Own a piano
Go swimming once a month for a year
Have a party, make t-shirts for it
Take voice lessons
Renovate/decorate whole house
Fill my closet with ONLY clothes I love
Go snow camping
See Swan Lake performed
Aquire DSLR camera, learn to use it
Get at least 50 authors (I like) to sign 50 books (that I like)
Take an art history course
Own a designer dress
Attend New York fashion week
Ride a motorcycle
Take a hot air balloon ride
See 75 professional concerts (So far: Michael Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, Rage Against the Machine, Umphrey’s McGee (four times), Snoop Dogg, Parliament Funkadelic–I’m sure there are more I’m not thinking of…will update later.)
Walk daily
Wear “real PJs to bed in the form of sets and nightgowns


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